Hello Everyone. This is Divya. I am very happy to share how English courses by Suresh Sir helped me in improving my English which gained my confidence , I work for Salesforce as a technical support engineer where I need to talk to US clients everyday as a part of my job which I can’t avoid even if I want too. I was scared how to talk to people whom I never know and what to talk, my frequency of words would be very slow and I couldn’t express to them rightly what I wanted to share and it would be very embarrassing sometimes. I wanted to learn and improve my English.

By God’s grace I came to know that Suresh sir is taking English course for believers. I joined with a hope of changing something. But I couldn’t believe my English was improved a lot unless others told me. The homework and exercises which Suresh sir gave helped me a lot. His honest feedback regarding improvements helped me to grow. Now I’m not scared to talk but I’m very happy to express myself with the right words.

I praise God for this opportunity and many thanks to Suresh Sir.