Fast Prep Academy Reviews

I can’t imagine ever getting into the right headspace to take the GRE without FastPrep, ​let alone getting into b-schools. The TTP Online GRE course is in a league of its own as far as study material​ (by far t​he most COMPREHENSIVE ​quant ​study guide I’ve seen). I​t closely ​monitors ​your progress​ and compares your performance to others. I tutored with Suresh sir, the​ GRE​ ​lifesaver who helped raise my quant score from 152 to 164. These guys are the real deal: patient, persistent, and supportive​.​ They worked closely with me to create a realistic timeline and cultivate new strategies for solving problems. They are truly invested in their students’ success. I never would have made it to my GRE finish line without FastPrep​. Thank you FAST PREP!​!