Praveen Jain - Fast Prep Academy

Given the notorious reputation of GMAT verbal to be extremely tough, I was very skeptical and unsure whether I would be able to score well and achieve my target score. But thanks to Suresh Sir who demystified verbal and turned answering verbal questions into an exercise of logic and simple rules I was able to score 37 on GMAT Verbal. In fact, his logical approach and simple rules are something that I still use while writing work mails and business proposals.
Apart from being a great English teacher, Suresh sir was also a great mentor who regularly contacted me to stay abreast with my progress and made sure I was heading in the right direction. My first GMAT test attempt did not go as planned. But Suresh Sir helped me make the right adjustments to the test-taking strategy before the second attempt and score 700+ in just 16 days. He also went above and beyond his role of a verbal faculty to proof-read my essays for the ISB admission process and gave some key inputs that made a lot of difference.