About Fast Prep Academy

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Our Vision

Fast Prep Academy,  the center of test preparation, is founded explicitly to assist students, professionals, and people in business. It is judiciously built to empower our students in diversified test prep courses such as GMAT, EA, LSAT, LNAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, UCAT, BMAT, and ELP tests. It offers an unprecedented and highly appealing approach to learning vital concepts, empowering committed students to mold their careers, and lives.

At Fast Prep, Trainers are ardent about maximizing every learner’s potential and observing the expertise in each of our students. Our Academy is committed to developing the leaders of tomorrow, providing them with the skills and confidence essential for success. We know that content students make the best scholars. Accordingly, we offer a welcoming, nurturing, and friendly setting where learners are encouraged to be inquisitive and grow skilfully and psychologically.

Welcome to Fast Prep Academy, The trajectory of your career, your venture, and your life is about to change—and we can’t wait to see what kind of difference you’re going to make. Good Luck with your test preparation!

About our Founder

Suresh Daniel Jones has founded the Fast Prep Academy with rigorous commitment. He is a certified Master Trainer for Verbal Tests. He has traveled to different countries and taught at prestigious academies to understand students’ challenges. Most of those academies were driven by business tycoons who didn’t understand the pedagogical values and were often restrained him from adding new techniques to the curriculum. He has brainstormed on the test preparation feasibility to bridge this chasm and worked on unconventional strategies on various tests. He witnessed outstanding results with those unique strategies in GMAT and SAT. Most of his students graduated from premier universities and B-Schools.

This meticulous approach in teaching has backed up his confidence to start ‘FAST PREP ACADEMY’ for those studious aspirants who could accept the challenges and work under pressure. It is a place where you would see an unorthodox approach to crack the tough nuts. All our strategies are well researched and trustworthy. None of our students failed in their test-taking environments. It is a place for global exposure and vital networking.

Our Team

All our trainers have real-time test experience with top percentiles in the tests such as GMAT, GRE, and SAT.

Our Language trainers are experts in comprehending the challenges of non-native speakers. Their classroom language tips gave terrific results. We are a team of professional expertise in individual tests and are committed to serving the students. Starting from our marketing lead to a counselor is proficient in their approach to help our students.  We wish you good luck as you are about to take the first step to fulfill your VISION.


Suresh Daniel

Founder & Chief Mentor

Suresh Daniel Jones is the Founder and has 20 years of Training and Leadership Experience. Before founding Fast Prep Academy, He headed as a Chief Mentor for a prestigious Academy in Dubai. He is a Certified Kaplan Master Trainer from the USA and a passionate visionary.

Prof. Sam


Sam is the Lead & Math Head with more than a decade experience in the Study abroad and Test Prep Industry. He is a visionary and dedicated professional with artistry in Math. Unlike many Math Teachers, Professor Sam is patient and highly focused on improving students scores.

Sunitha Daniel


Sunitha Daniel is a punctilious visionary and oversees the department of Accounts and Operations. She has ten years of teaching and leadership experience.

Dr. Parikipandla Sridevi

Chief Advisor- Academics

Assistant Professor Dept. of Biotechnology Faculty of Science Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Amarkantak, MP, India


Lead Mentor

I have been training students of different age groups from 6-60 for almost 7 years in India, Dubai and Georgia for Language tests: IELTS, TOEFL,OET, PTE,SAT and GRE. My accolades include successfully training aspirants such as Doctors, nurses, students for immigration and studies for all the prep tests with their required scores.

I deem my communication skills, teaching strategies, patience and determination as my strengths.

fast prep academy trainer

Prof. Shereen

Lead Mentor

Hailing from an out right professional ménage – my dad and siblings are trainers by profession wherein I was brought up with all the endearments and tenderness. My parents who are my biggest strength have always believed that education is vital for broadening one’s vision.
Having said that I have been working as a Skilled Language Verbal Trainer cum Academic Consultant in Corporates and Universities offering over seven years of experience in training around 1000 and more students and professionals in Language Preparatory Tests – IELTS/PTE/ TOEFL/ OET and SAT, VOICE & ACCENT training and Soft Skills Communication and also hold
strong record of accomplishments.

Ravi Fast Prep Academy Sales head


Head of Sales & Operations

Dynamic career of 18 + years in handling Sales and growth of prestigious test prep companies. Experienced leader with a demonstrated success in helping parents & students with the best study abroad colleges and options.

Ishmael Zabi

Strategic Management

Ishmael leads the entire department and structures the whole organization’s functions. A person with high business acumen, a customer-centric attitude, and a great listener.

Shruthi Daniel


Shruthi completed her  internship and currently working as a trainee and volunteering. She is building her acumen to comprehend the Psychology of standardized test aspirants.