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What is LNAT

LNAT stands for the Law National Admissions Test. It is a standardized test used by many universities in the United Kingdom as part of the admissions process for undergraduate law programs. The LNAT is designed to assess a candidate’s aptitude for studying law and consists of two main parts: a multiple-choice section and an essay section. The multiple-choice section tests a candidate’s verbal reasoning skills, while the essay section is designed to assess a candidate’s ability to construct a well-reasoned argument. The LNAT is typically taken by students in their final year of high school or those who have completed their high school education, and is required by many universities as part of their admissions process for undergraduate law programs.

Who Can Take LNAT Exam

The LNAT exam can be taken by anyone who is interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in law at a university that requires the LNAT as part of their admissions process. Generally, the exam is taken by students in their final year of high school or those who have completed their high school education. However, anyone who meets the eligibility criteria set by the individual universities can take the exam, regardless of age or educational background. It is important to note that some universities may have additional eligibility criteria beyond the LNAT exam, such as minimum academic qualifications or work experience, so it is important to check with the individual university for their specific requirements.

Why Choose us for LNAT Coaching

Proven LNAT strategies

Fast Prep Academy LNAT master trainers steadily work on composing the best strategies to ease the understanding of LNAT  concepts.These proven strategies  help  you to score 30 plus.

Certified LNAT Trainers

Our LNAT trainers are  certified Master trainers with years of experience teaching young Law aspirants. The teaching pedagogy is pragmatic and innovative to boost the students’ scores.

LNAT Prep Courses & Training classes

The classes are perfectly organized keeping in mind the busy academic schedule of 11 th and 12 th graders. We ensure that the momentum continues till the students crack the test with the best scores possible. Our classes help and guarantee students to improve scores. The perfect blend of classes have helped students from the US, the UAE (Gulf students  ), India, etc to reach their targets. Our chief mentors plan the sessions in the best way possible for the students.

Extended Support

We understand that the troubling aspect for any student is support till the exam day. We have regular test reviews and help sessions to help LNAT students score the best in their first attempts.By love we serve is the motto that drives us to support the deserving students.Coaching and post classes are important in students’ final test prep journey. Therefore, our support continues till the test day. Let your kid experience the difference with Fast Prep Academy.

About LNAT Coaching

A reputable coach can help you identify your weaknesses and develop strategies to address them, ensuring that your score on the LNAT remains high enough for admission into some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher education. We at Fast Prep Academy ensure the quality of our In-class materials and the testing materials.

Reach us for an interactive session and start your LNAT journey to pursue Law from the top schools such as Oxford, LSE, Oxbridge, Durham in the UK.

The LNAT is used by universities to help them select law aspirants for their undergraduate law courses.

The test doesn’t test your knowledge of law or any other subject. Instead, it helps universities assess your aptitude for the skills required to study law. The content of the LNAT is managed by the members of the LNAT Consortium. The test itself is administered by Pearson VUE, under contract to LNAT.

The LNAT helps universities make fairer choices from the many highly-qualified applicants who want to join their undergraduate law programs. It is used in collaboration with other admissions processes such as UCAS application and academic qualifications.

LNAT measures the verbal reasoning skills at the heart of legal education :Ace on the 6 skills listed below with our best coaching for LNAT


  1. Comprehension
  2. Interpretation
  3. Analysis
  4. Synthesis
  5. Induction
  6. Deduction

The LNAT cannot be revised for, although those taking it will benefit from familiarizing themselves with the style and format of the test.

We ( Fast Prep Academy )have developed a world-class program that helps students prepare for LNAT exam through a combination of lectures and interactive exercises that help you learn better and faster than ever before!

LNAT Exam Pattern

It is a two-part test: multiple choice questions based on passages of text, and an essay.

LNAT Section A

The first part is a computer-based multiple choice exam. You’ll be asked to read passages of text and answer questions that test your comprehension of them. Your scores from the multiple choice section of the test are checked by computer, and a mark out of 42 is created This is known as your LNAT score.

LNAT Section B

In the second part of the test you will be asked to write one essay from a list of three proposed subjects. This section is not marked by the test center and does not contribute to your LNAT score, but it is your opportunity to show your ability to construct a compelling argument and reach a conclusion.

Both your LNAT score and essay are made available to the participating universities. These are then used to supplement your university application and show your aptitude for studying undergraduate law.

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Students Testimonials

I am an aspiring law student and needed to take the LNAT. Daniel helped me learn the theory behind the exam and the correct way of looking at the questions. He broke down the different type of questions and how to get the answer. We did many practice questions and thankfully he is very patient and argued with me many times when I refused to believe I got an answer wrong. Thanks to his patience and strategies I was able to get the score I wanted.
Marisol Morcos
It was my dream to pursue law from Durham University. I was searching for LNAT online coaching Academies but there were not many options available that could meet international standards. I was lucky enough to find Fast Prep Academy on instagram. I was in Peru, South America and the Academy was virtual and Mr. Daniel Jones who is Founder and Chief Mentor handled all my sessions of LNAT. It was exhaustive courseware and mocks helped me to get into Durham University. He has handled all the sessions professionally and I would highly recommend Fast Prep Academy for all LNAT Aspirants. Good Luck guys!
Juan Jesus
Unparalleled professionalism and an extremely high degree of commitment from teachers. LNAT coaching was well scheduled and comprehensive. Mr. Daniel is constantly available for support and his expertise and experience provides for an enriching training course. Definitely would recommend.
Sumeir Chhabria
Fast Prep Academy is the best place for LNAT prep. The classes are small and tailored to your specific needs, which makes it easy to get the attention you need. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, which is a big bonus. I really enjoyed my experience and I would absolutely recommend this program.
I was pleased with my experience at Fast Prep Academy. They are extremely professional and offer a high degree of commitment from their teachers. The LNAT coaching was well scheduled and comprehensive. The course offered a lot of support and I felt comfortable and confident during the course. I am so glad I chose Fast Prep Academy for my training, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to do an LNAT course.
Fast Prep Academy is the online course I took to prepare for the LNAT. I was very impressed by the quality of the course and the level of support I received from my trainer. Mr. Daniel was always available for help and was able to answer all my questions and concerns. I feel great about the course I took and I am now confident that I will be ready for my LNAT.
I have been working with Fast Prep Academy for a few months now and I have had a great experience. The teachers are extremely dedicated and the course is structured very well. The LNAT training course was very thorough, and I was able to work with Mr. Daniel for support. Mr. Daniel is always available for support and the courses are scheduled very well. I would recommend this course to any student looking for a high-quality LNAT course.
I am very happy with Fast Prep Academy. I had a great experience when I studied for my LNAT with them. The teachers were extremely helpful and the course was well-structured. The teachers were always available to answer my questions and were always willing to help and support me. The course was well-organized and I would definitely recommend it.
I love Fast Prep! My LNAT course with Fast Prep was excellent. The schedule was tailored to my needs and the course was well-paced and informative. I feel that I was prepared for the LNAT course, and I would absolutely recommend Fast Prep to anyone seeking a LNAT coaching course.
Rahul Jain

About Fast Prep Academy

Preparing for the LNAT is an essential step towards achieving success in Law school. Fast Prep Academy offers the best LNAT online coaching in Hyderabad, helping students prepare for their exams with customized programs designed specifically around their needs and goals. So whether you want one-on-one Private Coaching or prefer group sessions, we’ve got a LNAT program just right for you! Our experienced LNAT tutors are dedicated to ensuring every student gets what they need from our services.

Imagine having a way to study that doesn’t require any additional work on your part. The best LNAT online coaching in Hyderabad will help you take control of your LNAT preparation so that it becomes more accessible than ever before!

So what are you waiting for? Book a free LNAT trial today with us and see how much money can be saved by taking this step towards your dream school!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a genuine question from every aspirant…Therefore we make sure that students take a diagnostic test and then based on the performance scores can be anticipated. Coaching from our academy has helped many aspirants in the past. We ensure that the quality of the classroom and the materials are on par with the actual LNAT exam. This has been a boon for most of our LNAT ACHIEVERS.Try an interactive session and enroll

 to be an achiever.

No, You can’t ace LNAT without coaching. To be honest both are law entrance exams but have unique testing formats and must be prepared with different approaches. We recommend students to at least spend 3 months for LNAT preparation as this is a global test and the competition is high. Students who prepared with us for 3 months were able to get an average score of 28 and grabbed admissions from top law schools in the UK. Make sure that you prepare well before it is too late.

Yes , we do provide a long term course for the serious aspirants.

The purpose of coaching is to help you work as per the LNAT consortium’s Test logic. It is imminent that you will improve your scores and meet the admissions criteria.

Please give a detailed description of yourself in the whatsapp us section. Our LNAT expert will reach out to you shortly.

Our sessions are highly interactive and make you feel like the live offline sessions. As the test is online plz get used to the online experience to help you ace on the LNAT.

Fast Prep Academy trainers are specialized in the field and have 20+ years of working experience.

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