good LNAT score

What is a good LNAT score?

A good LNAT score is one of the ever-demanding questions from most LNAT aspirants. So, let’s delve right into what makes a good LNAT score. While you prepare for the exam, it is natural to need a score target. To help you do that, I have looked at the cut-off law schools have used over the last five years.

I will show you a sample of that work and inferences you can draw about what makes a good LNAT score to set yourself a realistic target.

1. Distinction: 

LNAT constitutes part of the admissions process for the most prestigious law schools in the world. English Law appreciates such distinction in the financial circles; you will no surprise find these universities in the UK.


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2. Does the Score matter?

In this article, we will contemplate what LNAT score is required. While there are no specific cut-off scores and your application will be evaluated, it is worth recognizing the scores. It would help if you were aiming to receive admission. Consider that LNAT is the only real assessment by which the admissions team can analyze applicants:

  • Everyone has different grades.
  • Everyone has some extracurriculars.
  • Everyone can write an essay.

It holds on to the idea that performing great on your LNAT may completely be that supplementary representative for your admission.

good LNAT score

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3. University of Oxford: Bachelor of Civil Law

 Oxford’sOxford’s graduate law students have closer contact with their teachers than on any LLM. Oxford is renowned for the size, strength, and diversity of its community of legal scholars who are drawn from around the world. Students benefit from the opportunities they are given to discuss their work with leading academics in the field. 

These graduate programs have an acceptance rate of around 5%,

The Oxford BCL degree has been a pivotal feature of Oxford’sOxford’s law provision since the sixteenth century. This rich history has helped maintain its status as the most highly regarded masters-level qualification in the common law world (Source Wiki). Oxford admissions are focused on the interview performance, so one must clear the interview. Therefore, LNAT is significant.

The common score of a triumphant applicant in past admission years was 28. Moreover, only 5% of aspirants secured over 34. Therefore, aspirants need to score 30 plus. Not many students can score above 30, and here is where the essay plays a crucial role in admissions.


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4. Essay:

Aim on scoring high in the essays and focus on the following areas:

A. Content :

 Understand the argument stated and focus on the critical analysis to elaborate your thoughts.

B. Critical Reasoning:

Focus on the assumptions and the line of reasoning for writing a proper essay

C. Language:

 Write a persuasive and coherent essay with a good vocabulary. Clarity and appropriateness of structure and argument must be well-knit.

D. Low-scoring essays :

Does not understand the argument stated and misses on the critical analysis.

Lacks reasoning ability and uses poor vocabulary and sentence structures.


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5. Preparing for a good score in LNAT

 Reviewing before an exam is not the way to win top marks. Please find a way to revise in a manner that suits you best and stick to it. Test preparation sessions are great for this; the collective can throw up great bits of help and support. Do practice exams with answer papers. See how you parallel. Ask your Mentor to look at them and ask for advice on improving your marks. Get feedback from your Mentor when they’re reviewing your mocks.

This process will allow you to see your weak points and as well as the strong ones. Read through your notes from the classes. You will be surprised how much you may have forgotten. The classes you attend are the basis of the exams set; mentors will most likely highlight these areas. 

6. Planning and Getting Help from Mentors for a good LNAT score:

Try to focus on what is relevant; it is easy to get your priorities wrong. You have an exam next week, but your focus turns to something else, which seems more important at the time. If you plan, you will not find yourself in a panic or stressed out because of the lack of time. If you are struggling with a question type, get extra help, ask the Mentor or get a study plan. Many students score good points with the assistance of a good private mentor.

A. Discipline:

For a good LNAT score, it is a particular issue for some students. There is so much to do and get acquainted with high school life. It’s great to have fun as a freshman but don’t lose focus on why you are preparing for LNAT. The best students get a good LNAT score. Remember, a Law degree is considered one of the toughest degrees to obtain and promises great rewards. 


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B. Me Time:

Never forget to have some personal time. Anxiety can be very debilitating, and having fun and exercise is the best way to prevent stress accumulation. Join a club or an NGO as these are challenging times during pandemic. Talk to people and start volunteering works to de-stress. Adding these activities could be the one thing on your statement of purpose that a competitor doesn’t have that you do, and that top job could be yours. It can help reserve your admission along with a good LNAT score.

Once the excitement of your LNAT results dies down and the realization that you have attained the good LNAT score to enter the LAW university of your choice hits home, this is just the beginning of the rest of your life. It is a meaningful time, but you will immediately learn that the pace of life and the expectations placed upon you have been upped significantly. There is a great deal of help out there. You only need to look for it. Please take all the help from our team members at FAST PREP ACADEMY and look to make all the right choices moving forward.  


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