Top 3 Dreams of Students

Top 3 dreams of students

Many aspirants in India wanted to pursue one of these top 3 dreams (IIT, IIM, IAS ) and settle in their lives. This article shows beyond those options and helps you know more about the top universities in the world.


I sincerely appreciate the hard work of the students who have achieved their dreams in their first attempt. This particular article is for those aspirants who are still dreaming in this cut-throat competitive world. If you are one of those who are still under peer and parental pressure, then hopefully, this article gives you solace and helps you dream big. I would encourage you to look at the world that is beyond this I I I(triple III dreams).


All of us had been through this phase, and I mean it. After sacrificing precious teenagers’ lives, we were disappointed when not doing the entrance test properly. Our parents and teachers had many hopes for us, and they thought we were prodigious kids. Not to blame anyone as we were excellent at academics but not in the competitive exams.

Moreover, You have prepped for 10–16 h per day, and it was not your fault at all. You have realized that entering an IIT college was a tough nut to crack. It is where students and their parents will not think beyond the options. To fulfill the top 3 dreams, you must think beyond the options.

Top 3 Dreams of Students
Top 3 Dreams of Students

IIT’s are prestigious institutions, but many Universities rank top in the world rankings and can offer excellent scholarships in the rest of the world. Since we live in a country where education is the only tool that helps one reach the top class, we should find other ways. Ignorance is the cause of poverty and poor conditions. Let us not forget that we can conquer the world with education. This how you can crack the top 3 dreams of students.

A.Dream 1-Top 3 dreams of students – IIT vs. SAT/ACT :

To begin with, most students can take tests such as SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests), ACT to enter the best colleges in the world. These two tests are a boon to the students who believe that education can take them to heights. I have seen many students who have had excellent grade points in their country with extracurricular activities and got admissions with a 100 percent scholarship. They crack the tests by preparing for 3–6 months during weekends. Refer to the college board website for more details.

At this stage, it is the responsibility of the parents to find the best academy that trains their wards on these global level tests. These tests are designed to test cognizance rather than memorization. So to crack these tests, students need expert guidance. We (Fast Prep Academy )have trained many students and sent them to their dream schools with merit scholarships. All it needs is determination and perseverance to achieve good scores.

Remember, you do not have to sacrifice your hobbies and extracurriculars as those schools highly encourage diversified student profiles and give them admissions. Thus, the dream of first ‘I’ (IIT ) can be tough, but there is a better option. Do explore the best way for your ward’s future.

B.Dream 2,3 – Top 3 dreams of students – IIM (CAT ) vs GMAT / GRE

A second I (IIM) dream is also a kind of a wild goose chase in our country. It is because the competition is tripled as students try to attempt at least thrice by writing CAT. I respect those masterminds who have cracked CAT in their first or second attempt. However, it is foolish if a student tries after failing twice. I want to encourage students to find the best options available starting from their third year(Engg grads) onwards so that they can crack the top 3 dreams of students.

The world, with the advent of the internet, has become a small place. Just with a single click, one can find the testimonials, opportunities, and whatnot of the top universities. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”; this was told by one of my mentors, and I don’t skip reminding it in every lecture. If your goal is to do an MBA, then you could take the GMAT.

This test can pave your way into IIMs with a score of 680+. Is it not fascinating? I hope it is! It helps to pursue the top 3 dreams of students. The CAT needs a score of at least 99% with a lot of intricacy in the testing modules; on the other hand, GMAT needs critical thinking and a 700+ for global B Schools.

The latter can be achieved with 3-6 months of prep, unlike the CAT. If not ISB(the Third’ I’ dream), there are other options too. If you dare to dream, then dare to fulfill them. Why delay in pondering when we can guide you right away. We are known for serving the students throughout their prep.

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Dream Big and succeed.

After all, education is the only ladder to success!!!

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